Scam Alert: Fraudulently obtained Smaart licenses

May 14, 2019

Unfortunately some unscrupulous folks in Vietnam think its OK to purchase Smaart with a stolen credit card and then re-sell the license to unsuspecting customers. Not only is it not OK, it’s illegal….

ATTENTION: We have had a recent rash of fraudulent Smaart license purchases based out of Vietnam. These licenses were purchased by two different Vietnamese individuals using stolen credit cards and then they re-sold the installs from the licenses to unsuspecting customers who did not realize they were receiving fraudulently obtained software.

If you see a posting for, or are contacted by someone, offering a special deal for a single-install of Smaart, remember…. there is no such thing. All legal, official Smaart licenses come with 2 installs. And those installs are for the use of the registered license-owner only. 

Any Smaart license that is purchased using a stolen credit card is removed from circulation as soon as we are notified. Unfortunately this means that if you have purchased an install from a fraudulently obtained license, you are out of luck:

  • You will not be able to re-install Smaart if your computer crashes or if you buy a new one
  • You will not be able to update Smaart to the latest release to take advantage of new features and bug fixes
  • You will not be able to upgrade Smaart when the next major version comes out
  • You will not receive support for that Smaart license from us or any of our distributors

To ensure that you are receiving a legitimate license of Smaart, make sure you only purchase Smaart directly from Rational Acoustics or from one of our authorized Dealers or Distributors. 

Word to the wise…. if you see an offer on the internet that seems too good to be true, it probably isn’t.

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