Smaart v8.2 Released

December 20, 2017

Merry Christmas from Rational Acoustics. Our gift to you… v8.2

Smaart v8.2, the second major version update for Smaart v8, has been released.  This FREE update includes many significant feature additions, interface modifications and bug fixes and is recommended for all Smaart v8 users.

The primary feature additions include a re-working of Smaart’s SPL measurement functionality as well as integration with SG Audio’s 10EaZy SPL measurement hardware and the incorporation of some of the core features of 10EaZy software directly into the Smaart user interface.

Connecting 10EaZy hardware to a computer running Smaart v8.2, either Mac or PC, will automatically enable a set of key elements from 10EaZy within the Smaart user interface. This gives Smaart users access to features like 10EaZy’s popular “Maximum Average Manager” (MAM) feature and means that Smaart is now able to provide certified, class-compliant SPL measurements when used with 10EaZy’s Class1 or Class 2 hardware.  For 10EaZy users, this means that their hardware can now be used on the Mac platform through Smaart. The new integration also supports measuring SPL from multiple 10EaZy units simultaneously.

New features added to Smaart’s SPL measurement functionality include:

  • SPL calculation centralization where logging or metering an input automatically triggers the calculation of 14 sound level metrics
  • A dedicated, time-stamped SPL Log File for each logged input containing all SPL metrics
  • SPL history window that shows a graphical presentation of the log file generated from log-enabled inputs. Either active log files (real time) or previously generated log files can be viewed in the SPL history plot
  • SPL Alarms and SPL readout colors triggered by user-defined thresholds
  • Addition of Leq buffer progress bar, polarity invert function, “Peak C” SPL metric, ASCII export option

Click HERE for a complete overview of all feature additions, modifications and bug fixes in the Smaart v8.2 release, as well as instructions for updating.

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