v 8.0.3 Update Now Available

July 6, 2016

The 8.0.3 update is now available. This fixes a lot of things, so is recommended for all Smaart v8 users.

Smaart v8.0.3 is now available for download from within your license management account at my.rationalacoustics.com

This update fixes a slew of bugs and crashes and is recommended for all users.

Release Notes

  • Added “Inverted” flag to API to match inversion state of remote trace
  • Added .txt file extension to Meter log files
  • Uniquified Meter log file names to avoid problems with logging same input multiple times with different SPL settings
  • Fixed crash when choosing “Create a New Configuration” on startup
  • Fixed crash related to selecting devices for “Use” after creating Broadband Meters for a device
  • Fixed crash related to refreshing the Data Library state
  • Fixed bug where Smaart I-O gain changes weren’t updating calibration offset
  • Fixed ‘Apply’ button in Trace Info and removed Cancel button.
  • Fixed bug where changing the Global Spectrum FFT size changed the transfer function FFT size
  • Fixed bug related to editing delay value and then clicking outside text field
  • Fixed bug where window position was lost after restarting Smaart if window bounds exceeded screen bounds
  • Fixed bug where plot view was lost when changing modes
  • Fixed bug where X curve wasn’t created as a weighting curve in Windows build
  • Fixed bug where calibrated measurements were not plotting calibrated in Client Window
  • Fixed bug where changing the inputs for a transfer function measurement didn’t update IR Mode measurement pair
  • Fixed individual transfer function measurement Magnitude Averaging type selector
  • Fixed bug where some dialogs would appear behind others, making it impossible to exit the dialogs
  • Fixed bug where exporting a trace as a weighting curve placed it in the wrong folder
  • Fixed spelling error in activation dialog
  • Fixed bug where calibration offset couldn’t be changed in I-O Config after device name was changed
  • Fixed bug where MTW warning wasn’t displayed when changing Sampling Rate
  • Fixed version number in file properties

To update Smaart v8, simply run the new installer and install over/replace the old version. DO NOT deactivate Smaart to update.

If you encounter any problems with the update, please send an email to support@ rationalacoustics.com describing your problem in detail.

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