Smaart v.7.4 Update Video Available

August 28, 2012

We made a video on updating to Smaart v.7.4. You should watch it.

The Smaart v.7.4 udpate requires deactivation of your previous version Smaart v.7 installation before you can activate Smaart v.7.4.  We published an “Installing Smaart v.7.4” help guide.  But since we know a lot of folks don’t read software help files or guides (we’re not judging… ‘just statin’ facts), we decided a video might be helpful.

Behold, the Updating to Smaart v.7.4 help video. If you are planning to update to Smaart v.7.4 and have not read the help guide, it’d be a really good idea to watch this.

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