Smaart v.7.4 RELEASED

August 27, 2012

Smaart v.7.4 has been released. You won’t believe what we’ve packed in there this time. Check it out.

Smaart v.7.4 is the latest major version update to Smaart v.7 and includes significant feature additions and interface modifications.  This is a FREE update and is recommended for all Smaart v.7 users.

Of special note in v.7.4 is an overhaul of the Impulse ResponseMode, including a significant user interface update and comprehensive integration of the measurement and analysis capabilities from Smaart AcousticTools. While earlier releases of Smaart v.7 included some AcoustTools features, the v.7.4 update completes the integration process with the addition of enhanced versino of all of its intelligibility and acoustic response capabilities including: T60/RT60, EFT, D/R, Clarity (C10, C35, C50, C80), TLow, TMid, Bass Ratio (TLow/TMid), %ALCons, STI (measured directly from impulse response), STIPA and CIS.

Smaart v.7.4 also offers a slew of new usability enhancements such as Peak Holds with either timed or indefinite hold capability, Locked Cursors which allows users to snap current peaks with a hotkey or track the highest peak in a trace in real time and Dual Spectrographs in which users can display two spectrograph plots simultaneously.  User-driven features such as Multi-Device Transfer Function Measurements, User-Defined Views and Zooms and Enhanced Trace dB offset have also been included.

A full overview of all updates and additions can be found on the v.7 Support page.

IMPORTANT: Smaart v.7’s internal licensing system has been updated for v.7.4. If you are performing an update from an earlier version of Smaart v.7 you MUST read the “Updating Smaart v.7” help doc before attempting this update. You will need all of your licensing and account information as well as an open installation seat on your license in order to complete this update.  The Smaart v.7.4 installer is designed to deactivate your current installation of Smaart so that it can occuply the empty seat on your license.  The process for updating to Smaart v.7.4 is NOT the same as in the past.  Do not proceed with the update unless you have read the installation document and you understand the process.  If you are installing v.7.4 onto a new machine which does not have a previous version of Smaart v.7 on it, you may follow the normal installation instructions provided in the regular licensing & installation help guide.

 To update to the latest version of Smaart 7:

  1. Log into your account at
  2. Select “Your Software Licenses” on the main navigation bar
  3. Click on your Smaart 7 license in your list of registered products. 
  4. On your Smaart 7 License page, scroll down to find the link to download the installer version you need (Mac or Windows)
  5. Install the new version by running the installer program (Windows) or dragging the new version from the disk image into your Applications folder (Mac).
  6. Run Smaart v.7.4 and follow the deactivation procedures outlined in the “Installing Smaart v.7.4” document to deactivate your previous-version Smaart installation
  7. Once the previous-version has been deactivated, an activation screen will appear and you can follow normal activation procedures to activate Smaart v.7.4 (either via the online activation or via offline activation using an activation code)

And finally, please note we have posted a new v.7.4 Demo on our web site.  You can download the demo for v.7.4 and evaluate it for 30 days – EVEN IF YOU HAVE ALREADY DOWNLOADED THE PREVIOUS v.7.0, v.7.1, v.7.2 or v.7.3 DEMO (isn’t that nice of us ?).   Please read the instructions on the Demo download page carefully prior to downloading.

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