V.7.1.1 Released

October 20, 2010

The latest version of Smaart v.7 (v.7.1.1) is now available for download for both the Mac and PC. This latest update improves the accuracy and usability of Smaart v.7 and is recommended for all users.

Smaart v.7.1.1 Updates:

– Resolved an issue with SPL/LEQ weighting filters mainly affecting A- weighted measurements at very low frequencies.

– New CoreAudio layer — replaced the third party module we were formerly using for acquiring data through the Apple CoreAudio API with our own code. This was done primarily to resolve issues with how devices are selected and should finally solve the problems we’ve had with built-in sound hardware on some Mac’s.

– Developed a work around for CoreAudio bug in Macbook/iMac built-in line inputs: special-cased a problem with the device’s capabilities being misreported when queried.

– Added hot keys for “Load/Save” trace and “Hide All” traces.

– Added Backspace key as alternate for the Delete key.

– Bug fix: User-created trace file(s) no longer get deleted when the trace object(s) they were saved from are deleted in the Data Manager.

– Fixed coherence-weighted average bug (static & live).

– Fixed weighting bug when SR is changed.

To update to the latest version of Smaart v.7:
1. Log into your account at http://my.rationalacoustics.com.
2. Select "Your Software Licenses" on the main navigation bar.
3. Click on your Smaart 7 license in your list of registered products.
4. On your Smaart 7 License page, scroll down to find the link to download the installer version you need (Mac or Windows)
5. Uninstall the version that you currently have installed:
    o To uninstall the Windows version, use the Add or Remove Programs (XP) or Programs and Features control panel (Windows 7 and Vista).
    o To uninstall the Mac version, find the Smaart 7 icon in your Applications folder and drag it to the trash.
6. Install the new version by running the installer program (Windows) or dragging the new version from the disk image into your Applications folder.
7. It is NOT necessary to deactivate or re-activate your installation or re-register your v.7 License.

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