Smaart v.7.1 Released

September 16, 2010

We are pleased to announce the release of the first major version update for the Smaart v.7 measurement platform: Smaart v.7.1

Effective today, Smaart v.7.1 is now released and available for download.  This is a FREE update for all registered Smaart v.7 users.

This release comprises many powerful enhancements overall, but the most obvious and notable facet of the update is the complete overhaul of Smaart’s data handling system.  This overhaul achieves a data handling system that we feel is now on par with the power of Smaart v.7’s active measurement environment.

The new data handling paradigm includes:  a new data register look, feel & function, trace registers that are now created on capture, auto naming for captures with user override/rename, a "capture all" function, drag-n-drop re-ordering of traces and folders, a new information dialog to provide complete data capture information and trace control, a new ‘select and delete" function and captured data that is now stored on shutdown and restored on startup.

Smaart v.7.1 also offers enhanced live/static trace averaging, improved session-to-session operational consistency, improved SPL measurement, enhanced delay measurement functionality and host of other additions and improvements.

The Smaart v.7.1 Release Overview, detailing all of the new features in v.7.1 can be found HERE

The new Smaart v.7.1 installers for both Mac and PC are available for download immediately from with user’s accounts at  And remember: a full Revision History including new features and bug fixes, detailed function descriptions and a full listing of all accelerator (hot) keys is included in Smaart’s Help Files.  So be sure to read the v.7.1 Help Files thoroughly after installation.

Step-by-step instructions for updating to the latest version of Smaart v.7 can be found in the v.7 FAQ page.

The "Getting Started with Smaart v.7" Applications Guide and the Smaart v.7 Demo download have both been updated for v.7.1 as well.  Users can download the v.7.1 Demo and evaluate it for 30 days – even if they have already downloaded the previous v.7.0 Demo. 

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