Lydrommet Appointed Distributor for Scandinavia

July 2, 2010

Rational Acoustics LLC announced today that it has appointed Lydrommet A.S. as the exclusive distributors for all Rational Acoustics and Smaart® branded products for Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

Founded in 1978 by Christian Wille and operated today under the guidance of his son Joachim,  Lydrommet provides audio system design, installation and analysis services for a wide variety of live sound and fixed installation clients throughout Scandinavia.  With fully staffed offices in Norway, Sweden and Denmark they are also one of the largest distributors of professional audio products in Scandinavia including such brands as JBL, Soundcraft, Crown, BSS, Focusrite, dbx, Lexicon, AKG, RME and Studer.    

“We are very pleased and honored to have Lydrommet representing Rational Acoustics and Smaart.” says Karen Anderson, Rational Acoustics COO.  “Joachim and his staff are a perfect fit for us in terms of technical ability and dedication to quality products and customer support.  They also understand and share our passion for education, which is key for the support of a product like Smaart.”   

Notes CEO Joachim Wille, “Lydrommet is proud to welcome onboard Rational Acoustics and the Smaart solution. We see this as a great supplement that fits very well into our existing product portfolio, and a great teaching and learning tool for our fellow technicians to make even better sounding solutions."

Lydrommet will begin distribution of Rational Acoustics and Smaart products effective July 1, 2010 and will be holding their first Smaart Training classes in Norway and Denmark in mid-September. 

Lydrommet can be reached at on.temmordyl@traams or by visiting their web site at



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