Early-Adopter Pricing Special is OVER

July 16, 2010

Sorry Folks…. the 90-day Early Adopter Upgrade pricing special is now OVER.

All upgrades are now priced at the following Standard Upgrade Pricing. 

Standard Pricing (after July 15th, 2010)
Smaart v.6 to v.7 Upgrade:  $450 (USD)
SmaartLive v.5 to v.7 Upgrade:  $550 (USD)
SmaartLive v.4 to v.7 Upgrade: $650 (USD)

The "Late Bloomer" free upgrade to v.7 (for v.6 licenses purchased after June 1, 2009) is still in effect and can be accessed via the "upgrade online now" link on the v.7 Online Purchase Page.

Please note that our online upgrade system is for individual licenses only.  To purchase an upgrade for a v.5 or v.6 site license you will need to call us directly at 860-928-7828 or e-mail moc.scitsuocalanoitar@selas

If you are ordering an individual license upgrade and would like a hard-copy CD package instead of a license via e-mail, please contact us directly at moc.scitsuocalanoitar@selas

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