Licensing and Registration Help Docs Posted

August 19, 2009

Smaart v.5 and v.6 license and registration FAQ files now available.

After the 1,000th time answering the same 3 questions, we figured it was finally time to post some helpful files on Smaart v.5 and v.6 licensing and regstration issues. Not that we don’t love talking and e-mailing with you all individually… but our throats and fingers are getting really sore.

The following can be found in the new "Licensing and Registration" page in the "Smaart" section of

Smaart v.6 Software Installation Manual Excerpt

Registering a Smaart v.6 Installation Manually

Claiming your Complimentary v.5.4 License

Installing SmaartLive v5 and obtaining a PIC

SmaartLive v.5 Installation User Guide Excerpt

Hopefully these will answer 99% of your licensing and registration questions.  But as always, if you need some additional help, or just want to hear the sound of our melodious voices.. give us a shout.



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