Harry Brill

Contact Info:
Tiger Audio, Inc.
Ph: +1-386-216-0640

Harry Brill Jr. is a freelance audio engineer based in the Orlando, FL area. Harry started mixing in church 24 years ago. His work experience includes mixing bands, festivals and fairs, system design and integration, touring, corporate audio, system optimization, and consultation. His experience gives him insight into how measurement and optimization fit into the world of combat audio, where time is always at a premium, and logistics don’t always allow for the optimum design. He is as passionate about system optimization as he is about mixing music.

Harry became interested in music at an early age. He begged for Piano lessons when he was six. At age nine he built his first set of headphones from spare parts. Two days later he figured out how to wire them for stereo. This was the beginning of his career in audio. At the age of thirteen, Harry was finally allowed to operate the mixer at school (a Peavey XR700). Through his teens, he performed with, mixed, and recorded several local bands. At age twenty he graduated in the top 5% of his class at The Recording Workshop in Chillicothe, Ohio. He worked on several recording projects, and in one legitimate studio for about a year, but soon realized recording was not as exciting as mixing live sound. Harry’s continuous failure to achieve studio quality sound in the live environment led him down the road to system design and optimization. He wanted to achieve the best quality sound when he was mixing bands. He had no idea what he was getting into. Ignorance is bliss as they
say. The more he learned over the years, the more he knew he didn’t know as much as he thought. Harry was first introduced to Source Independent Measurement in the early 90s, while reading Bob McCarthy’s articles in Mix Magazine. He knew it was important to have things aligned in the time domain (the missing part of the puzzle) and spent a lot of time and effort trying to figure out a way to do so without spending $20k plus. It was 1998 before Harry finally got his hands on Smaart. He attempted to educate himself at home on a Mac in Windows 98 emulation. In 2001 he took Smaart on the road, and began to learn how NOT to use it. Harry asked a lot of questions of friends, such as Paul Tucci, read all the case studies and the SIA forum, and hosted a Smaart class with Jamie Anderson teaching. Since then Harry has worked on perfecting his measurement technique while paying forward what he learned. Harry continued his education, while managing two different audio shops, engineering festivals, and corporate audio, as well as touring with some of the best FOH engineers as system tech. In 2006 Harry left the security of full time work to freelance.

Some past events include chief engineer for Disney’s Grad night, crew chief for the “Get Up N Dance” and “Discomania” tours, chief engineer for Grace Fest, system optimization for UltraFest 2008, A1 for Enterprise Rent A Car, Borders Books, The Disney Store, The Children’s Place, Microsoft, numerous drug companies etc. Harry has deployed hundreds of systems using Meyer, Nexo, L’Acoustics, JBL, Electro Voice and EAW systems for more national artists than he can remember.

Harry spends free time, hanging out with his family, looking for work, and perfecting his craft. Harry’s students will appreciate his combat audio experience, and no nonsense approach to system optimization.