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How do I manage my Smaart configuration settings? 🎥

Smaart v8 | FAQ | Backing up Smaart Configuration Files from the Rational Acoustics Vimeo page.


You can save and load configurations by using the "Manage Configurations" dialog. In Smaart v8 and Di v2, these files are stored in the documents folder.


Note: Trace files are stored in a format that can be used with both operating systems, however configuration files store hardware driver names and locations that are OS specific. We do not recommend sharing configuration files between different computers.


For Smaart v7 and v7 Di, both trace and configuration files are stored in a hidden location, detailed below.

MacOS: \Users\[Username]\Library\Smaart

Windows: C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Roaming\Smaart