Smaart I-O

The Smaart I-O has been discontinued, effective September 15, 2017Smaart I-O

Although we are no longer manufacturing any new units we will continue to provide phone and email support for Smaart I-O’s currently out in the field and will continue to honor the warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for 1 year from the date of original retail purchase.

If you are a Smaart I-O owner, you can download the control application for the Smaart I-O below, as well as the last firmware update we released prior to the product being discontinued.


Smaart I-O Control Application

Note:  To use the Smaart I-O Control Application with Smaart, you will need to have Smaart v.7.3.2 or any newer version installed on your computer. To update to the latest version of Smaart, log-in to your license management account at and download the latest installer.

I-O Windows




Smaart I-O Firmware

Click the link below to download the latest firmware package for the Smaart I-O. Before attempting to update the firmware on your device, please read the document “Smaart I-O Firmware Update Procedure

01/01/12 Version 1.0 Firmware

This firmware update fixes intermittent issues with noise and latency on the Smaart I-O inputs when connected to a computer running OSX 10.7 or 10.8. The update is recommended for all Smaart I-O users, even if you are not using a Mac computer.