First post on this forum and hope you guys could help me here. When setting gains for measuring mic, do I leave it as it is or should I increase it to match with the ref signal when moving it further back from the speaker? Trying to EQ my system to the room and not sure where to place the mic, using ECM8000 atm. Should I leave it within 1m for 1st measurement as a good SNR reference then move it to various positions where people will be sitting. Should I just measure half of the room (right if measuring right speaker) or should I place mic on the left half of the room as well? I thought if I cross to the left half, when playing both speakers, I would have some frequency cancellations and hence not a good reading. Do I point the mic at centre stage or to the speaker, but most importantly how loud should the signal be and do I up the gain of the mic when putting further away from the speaker?
Hope that make sense and any help will be greatly appreciated.