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  1. Octa Capture Control Integration + Cinema Cal Theory


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    Trying to think of a good use-case for the Octacapture integration, particularly over the input gain controls. Could it be used to "level off" the gains of the mics to get a truer spatial average of a seating area (in my case a movie theater) or is going with dB Averaging setting sufficient?

    I think in some of the older the multiplexors & rta software used in cinema calibration had a "gain leveling" process where first the input gains of mic #2-4 would get zero'd to the magnitude of the #1 mic (in the mix position), then a 20-30sec time window would run for the spatial average plexing. Was this a means to an end with the technology of the time? Does the dB average achieve the same goal of keeping the mic closest to the source from influencing the average too much -- or should be recreate the "gain leveling" with this new feature?

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    Not sure if I can help you with the answers, cause I'm not a tech guy at all. What Smaart version do you have, btw? I'm trying to make heads or tails of Roland OCTA-CAPTURE with Smaart v8.3
    (engineering projects for a movie theater).
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