I am looking to find a solution that will let me view (and if possible control) the Smaart V.8 on my Mac from an iPad Pro.
Having the interface and Mac based at FOH is the ideal place to put it, but when I want to splay speakers and position the microphones it would be really handy to see on the iPad the response, so I don't have to walk back and forwards all the time...
I know you can do Smaart to Smaart remote viewing using two Mac's... But is there anything for Smaart 8 to iPad?
There is the Studio 6 Digital remote viewing app for Smaart 7, but can someone confirm if this will work for V.8?
A VNC type solution is probably acceptable, as long as the lag is not too high.
Or a wifi screen mirroring app like Air Display or Duet Display?
Would be great to hear your experiences with any of the above!