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    Default Skin Manager - choose skins to use

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    Skin manager - a checkbox for each skin to enable or disable. For example - I like the default light/dark skins but with one minor tweak - I change the focused plot axis to red to help eliminate mistakes when I'm three days deep into calibrating auditoriums and dog tired. Don't need the high-contrast setup that often, but often enough. The high contrast toggle on/off command bar button was useless to me as it only used the default two skins. With this update we can use it to cycle through the available skins, which means extra clicks to use the two skins I saved. It would be nice if in the skin manager there was a simple "use" checkbox next to each available skin. Or allow deleting the two default skins. either way the cycling through skins would use only the ones we actually want to use.

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    Hey Jonathan,

    I think being able to delete the default skins is reasonable. We can add handling to make sure nothing bad happens if the default skins are gone and someone restores default settings, and it makes the new skin management a bit more flexible. Good suggestion. Unfortunately this won't make it in for the 8.1 release. We'll get it into beta soon thereafter.
    Johnny A

    Rational Acoustics LLC

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