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    The Beta build of Smaart v8 is available to users wishing to experience the “bleeding edge” software version that is still in development. While using the Beta you may encounter bugs, crashes, unexpected behavior, and awesome features.

    Forum Rules

    The purpose of this forum is to host bug reports/feedback for the Smaart v8 Beta. Off-topic discussions may be closed and/or deleted.

    By downloading the Beta, you acknowledge that willing to use software that is still in development. Angry posts about the beta crashing/hanging will not be tolerated and will get you banned.

    When reporting issues, include as much detail as possible describing how you encountered the issue. Providing a step-by-step scenario for reproducing the bug/crash/hang is immensely helpful and makes it much easier to track down the source of the problem. If a crash dump is available, please post the dump as well as the exact revision number of the build.

    You can also send crash/bug reports and feedback to support@ (which is sometimes easier when dealing with crash dumps)

    Beta Build vs. Release Build
    The Beta and Release builds have been carefully segregated to allow both to be installed on the same computer without interfering with each other. Both builds use the same licensing, so there is no licensing change required if Smaart v8 is already activated on the computer. The configuration file is stored in a different location for each build, however both builds reference the same trace file location. The default installation directory for Windows is different for each build; the OS X app bundle name is different for each build (you can place both in the Applications folder).

    The Beta build displays the word “BETA” in red letters in the title bar of the application. The “About” dialog displays “Smaart v8 Beta” as the application name, and lists both the upcoming “target” major version as well as the revision number of the build. The revision number is the precise revision that was used to generate the Beta build.

    When new Beta builds become available, use File -> Check for Updates… within Smaart to download and install the new version. The Beta and Release builds are on different update cycles, and update independently, as the Beta will be updated more frequently.
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    As always, count me in :-)
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    Post deleted. The answer to my question was in the Readme. DUH!!
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