View Full Version : The Smaart I-O is now released!

Den Mother
December 13th, 2011, 03:22 PM
It's true... at long last, the Smaart I-O is released and available for purchase!

The Smaart I-O is a measurement-grade 2×2 USB audio interface designed and built specifically for use with Smaart v.7 Measurement Software. The I-O features two high-quality, active balanced inputs with 50 dB of software adjustable gain in precision 1 dB steps. The input gains are monitored directly by Smaart allowing the user to retain accurate SPL calibration while varying measurement signal input levels.

A simple control program, included with the product (or available from our website) sets preamp gains and phantom power selection, and automatically integrates with Smaart v.7. The control program also provides firmware update capability and can rename the Smaart I-O at the hardware level – an important feature when using multiple devices with Smaart.

NOTE: Owners of the new Smaart I-O must update to 7.3.2 to ensure that gain reporting and microphone sensitivity calculations work properly. To update to the latest version of Smaart, log-in to your license management account at http://my.rationalacoustics.com and download the latest installer. v.7.3.2 also includes some feature additions & modifications as well as some bug fixes so it is recommended for all v.7 users, regardless of whether you plan to use the Smaart I-O or not (see Johnny's post in "News & Announcements" for complete details)

Please click HERE (http://rationalacoustics.com/pages/Smaart_I-O)for full information on the Smaart I-O, including links to the I-O Spec Sheet, the I-O Manual and the “Using Smaart with Gain Reporting Devices” app note (manual and app note are also included with the product on CD-Rom).

The Smaart I-O is available for purchase via our online store (http://www.rationalacoustics.com/store). US Retail price is $549 USD. Or you can contact your local Rational Acoustics Dealer or Distributor for local pricing & availability.

Unfortunately, although the Smaart I-O has passed CE certification, these first units do not bear the CE mark and therefore cannot be sold into the European Union. The next run (due in by the end of January) will bear the CE mark. (Sorry European pals...we're working on it as quick as we can.. promise!)

Ben Clarke
December 18th, 2011, 07:38 PM
Hardware???????? OMG.....

I'll be training on Rational Digital Consoles next I suppose...