Rational Acoustics

September 6th, 2017, 11:39 AM
Smaart v8.2 Beta Rev 4952 is now available for download.

For those of you already running the Beta build, you can update to the latest version using the built-in program updater by clicking File -> Check For Updates... within Smaart. The Beta Readme has been updated to include information about new features and bug fixes, you can view it by clicking Help -> Beta Readme within Smaart.

Release Notes

• 10EaZy SPL monitoring system integration

o Connect any number of 10EaZy systems to a computer running Smaart for a calibrated class-compliant* SPL measurement system

o Cross-platform hardware support through Smaart

o 10EaZy Maximum Average Manager (MAM) with limit warnings
o Recalibration support

• SPL calculation centralization – logging or metering an input triggers the calculation of 13 SPL metrics automatically

• Comprehensive SPL log file – all SPL metrics in one file for every logged input

• Separated Input Meters from SPL Meters

• SPL Alarms and SPL readout colors triggered by user-defined thresholds

• Leq buffer progress bar

• Input calibration date is now stored in the config file and used in SPL log files

• Added Polarity Invert function, accessed via Input Meters

• Added horizontal orientation option to Input Meters

• Removed aspect ratio lock from Input Meters

• Added option to use Comma as decimal mark in log files (General Options)

• Added right-click menu to SPL meters

• Added “under range” indication to status button in SPL meters

• Various UI changes to comply with IEC 61672

• Added handling for spotty network connections while using the Client Window

• Fixed crash that could occur if Data Library Menu was open and the program was closed

• Fixed bug where application focus was occasionally lost

• Fixed bug where captured trace color pool reset after program restart, resulting in repeat colors

• Fixed bug where Meter Config was not being stored when saving through Manage Configurations dialog

• Fixed bug where Weighting Curve dialog table didn’t update after Import/Delete

• Fixed bug where measurements would stop on server when Client Window connected

• Fixed crash that occurred randomly while measurements were not running</note>

• Fixed deadlock related to changing plot types
• Fixed scaling bug in Spectrum plots