Rational Acoustics

September 22nd, 2016, 11:33 AM
Smaart v8 Beta Rev 4177 is now available for download. This will be the final beta before 8.1 is officially released, so if you find crashes or bugs in this build please report them to support@ rationalacoustics.com

For those of you already running the Beta build, you can update to the latest version using the built-in program updater by clicking File -> Check For Updates... within Smaart. The Beta Readme has been updated to include information about new features and bug fixes, you can view it by clicking Help -> Beta Readme within Smaart.

Release Notes

• Meters are now immediately displayed after “Create Meters” is clicked.
• Added option in General Options to “Stop Measurements when Tab changes”. Unchecking the option allows measurements to run in the background even when the tab is not active.
• Capture All now appends given folder name to each captured trace’s name
• Spectrum measurements are now auto-created in current tab when choosing a new input device
• Configurator can now be closed with no device chosen, using ‘x’ in left corner
• Folders now open with single click on folder icon
• Fixed numerous crashes